Service design, master studio 2015, 4 months


With over 33 000 employees across the globe, Telenor struggels to connect the different business units in an open and sharing network where employees utilize each others knowledge and competance. This is the story of the golden suitcase: a tool to create good experiences where knowledge is shared .
Background To combat the problem of diconnection beween the different business units, Telenor has set up experience sharing events, where knowledge is shared through presentations and workshops. These are gatherings where chosen employees from different countries meet to learn from each other and establish and nuture relationships. Through a reseach phase using the AT-ONE method, insights emerged pointing towards the need for a facilitated social aspect of the experience sharing. A need for more and better social interaction, and for more inclusion in the group in which you are meeting with. Research from the American Psychological Association shows that people need to feel valued in order to be motivated to perform at work.
Project length: 4 months Methods used: AT-ONE workshops Storyboards Service design jam 
Partners: Nils Hansen, Marte Frøyse Vidvei, Marie Løken and Marthe Marie Christensen
In this case, seeing your individual value in a community would lead to more participation, a stronger community and more knowledge shared.
The tool is used by the social planner, a new actor who is responsible for community building at the event. The Golden Suitcase contains different tools to use while planning the experience sharing; Two planning posters, suggestions cards and an instruction folder. It´s first and foremost a tool to make the social planner aware of the details of the event, and how they add to the overall goal of building a community and sharing knowledge. The golden suitcase is a tool that enables Telenor to build a good experience sharing where employees feel valued, and where knowledge is shared through conversations as well as presentations.
The service tool was developed together with Nils Hansen, Marthe Frøyse Vidvei, Marthe Christensen and Marie Løken, and in close collaboration with mentors at Telenor. It was tested and prototyped throughout the process. Amongst other things, we used tools like storyboards, animation film and roleplay to understand real scenarios and check if what we were thinking was making any sense. Thank you to Telenor for giving us the opportunity to work with you and for a good collaboration!
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