Product design, Bachelor studio 2012, 3 months


Design has the potential to create value where there is nothing. This is the story of how old coffee ground was transformed into both tangible and untangible value.
Every morning, about a deciliter of coffe ground makes sure I get a good start to the day. In a year, that adds up 36 liters. Can this warm, dark powder ever become as valuable to me as it was that morning? The Brew Series is a range of vessels made of the self developed material brew plaster, and upcycled beer bottles (after all beer is a good friend of coffee!) The vessels show how used coffee ground can live on, and have a second life where it creates value and joy for people. Coffee ground was collected from the coffee shops of the northern quarter in Manchester, and through a period of ruthless experimentation, the grounds married plaster and gave birth to the material Brew Plaster.
Used coffee grounds Plaster Heat Time A splash of color
Looking. That's what you spend a lot of time doing when this kind of project comes your way. You try to observe what is actually happening, and distill what you like about it. How brittle the material becomes. How the aluminium casting mold reacts with the material.
How the colored plaster and coffee plaster mixes.
How it starts to grow mold. Asking. That's what comes next. Why are these beautiful things happening? And how can I make it happen again? How can I kill the mold but keep its easthetics? How can I make the aluminium play more? How can I make it look more revolting? How can I make it look like a piece of jewelery?
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