Product design, Bachelor studio 2012, 2 months


The restaurant at the National gallery in Oslo serves cakes you could die for. But could an object make the experience even better, both for the customer and the staff? This is the story of Dupla.
The French salon at the National Gallery in Oslo was designed by Arnstein Arneberg in 1924, and got it's name from it's purpose: It was to house statues given as a gift from the french state. With its neoclassical marble walls and basic shapes, the room is a perfect location for what the restaurant does best: Serve cakes. Dupla is a cake tray designed for the french salon. It takes it's basic shapes from the same classic ideal as the architect had in 1924, but adds a twist: The tray can be taken apart and put back together again in endless combinations, to suit the needs of the staff(and the cakes!). With so many combinations, the staff can play a bit with the cake exhibitions, at the same time as they create traction for the business. And who knows: maybe they'll get a little more ownership of the wonderful experience of serving cakes in the french salon.
The Dupla-project was done in cooperation with the owners of the French Salon, and had a strong focus on prototyping along the way on the process. Through building, cutting, sanding and observing, the tray and all its parts came to life. 
Dupla was exhibited at The London Design Festival and Designers Saturday 2013. You can read more about me and the projects in the features on It's Nice That and Infinitum.
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