I'm trained as a designer from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Oslo and Akershus university college of applied sciences in Norway, and Manchester Metropolitan university in England. I mostly work within the dicipline of Service design, though my background is from product design. You'll also see a hint of interaction design in here, which I also enjoy.
 I am passionate about many things. When it comes to design, I'm passionate about making solutions that can help the environment on it's feet again through desirable and interesting solutions. I also thouroughly enjoy getting to know new people, which makes my job as a human centered designer even better. 
 I'm curious about you too! Please drop me a line if you are wondering about anything: Email: hello@ingersteinnes.com
Phone: +47 98651192 (And if you need it: org. nr. 912 326 144)
These last years I've had a blast practicing design in between semesters and degrees. I've had the chance to exhibit products in Milan, London and Stockholm, and work with both large and small firms in Oslo and London. I've developed an app concept for the it-firm Evry, worked with furniture from reclaimed timber at East London Furniture and developed childrens product at the norwegian start-up, Blafre. I've also done design projects for the Norwegian center for Architecture and design(DogA) and the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim.
Download CV You are welcome to get to know me better:
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