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I design with people
as my starting point


I design products and services. And when I do, people are always the most important ingredient. I love getting to the bottom of what is bugging the users. In that way I’m able to create solutions that enables them to live healthier, thriving and more fun lives!

I use storytelling
to convey it


We humans love a good story, whether we are old or young, wise or the playful kind. It can spark the imagination and create empathy within us, and a bunch of other wonderful stuff. That’s why I use storytelling to convey what I do, whether it is the process or the finished product.

I do it because we need new ways of living


I’m an opinionated designer. 
I believe we have a responsibility to convey our opinions through responsible and needed products and services. Using design to create alternative solutions to the environmental issues 
is what I’m the most opinionated about. Please join me!
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